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11/19/2017 07:41 AM
Scaffolding collapse causes injuries in NYC amid gusty winds
Five people were hurt after wooden planks were scattered everywhere after a scaffolding collapsed into the street in Lower Manhattan.
11/19/2017 05:01 AM
Building warmth to jeopardize records across western US into Thanksgiving
Record-challenging warmth set to build across the western United States this week could bring both good and bad news to those planning on hitting the slopes during the Thanksgiving holiday.
11/19/2017 01:01 AM
Thanksgiving travel forecast: Northwest, Great Lakes to bear brunt of nation’s poor weather
Those traveling to, from or through the Pacific Northwest will face the highest threat of delayed Thanksgiving travel.
11/18/2017 05:03 AM
2017 Philadelphia Marathon forecast: Strong headwind may pose challenges to runners
A chilly wind may pose challenges to runners on Sunday morning in the annual Philadelphia Marathon.
11/18/2017 01:29 AM
Storm onslaught to resume in Pacific Northwest this week
Following a brief reprieve from rain, snow and wind in the Northwest, another system will move onshore on Sunday night.
11/17/2017 06:30 AM
Siberian air, Polar Vortex to blast Alaska with lowest temperatures of season so far early this week
Bitterly cold air with origins from northern Siberia will race across Alaska into the early week.
11/17/2017 05:49 AM
Dust off your skis: Cold air, snow to hit prior to Thanksgiving holiday weekend in Northeast
Skiers and snowboarders planning to hit the slopes during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend will want to give thanks to Mother Nature.
11/17/2017 04:11 AM
Try these warming foods, drinks to keep the cold weather at bay
While you're bundled up at home as the temperatures dance around the freezing point outside, there are a number of delicious and healthy foods and drinks that can contribute to your body's warmth.
11/17/2017 03:52 AM
Weekly wrap-up: Tens of thousands left homeless in the cold after Iran-Iraq earthquake; 'Biblical' flooding hits Greece
Intense storms pummeled Greece this week while thousands are facing life-threatening cold after a powerful earthquake on the Iran-Iraq border left them displaced.
11/17/2017 02:51 AM
8 innovative, environmentally safe alternatives to rock salt for deicing roads
More municipalities are using organic brines, food-based treatments or high-tech plows and pavement to lower costs and limit environmental impacts.