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03/18/2018 12:46 AM
Feisty storms to ignite in southeastern US early this week
Severe thunderstorms set to sweep through the Southeast from Monday to Tuesday will open the door for a new round of chilly air to invade the region.
03/17/2018 07:09 AM
Snow to clip mid-Atlantic, New England to kick off spring 2018
Despite Tuesday, March 20 marking the first day of spring, it certainly will not feel like it to those in the mid-Atlantic, where a quick-hitting snow event is expected.
03/16/2018 06:16 AM
Another round of gusty, locally severe storms to target south-central US Sunday
As a second storm in three days pushes east of the Rockies, locally severe storms may erupt over parts of the south-central United States into Sunday night.
03/16/2018 04:47 AM
Increased warmth, gusty winds prompt high risk of wildfires in drought-plagued southern Plains
Conditions are ideal for wildfire ignition and rapid spread over the southern Plains into Friday night.
03/16/2018 04:43 AM
Zodiacal light to bring eerie glow to evening sky this weekend
This weekend will bring a great opportunity for stargazers to see the zodiacal light, an eerie glow near the horizon which is only visible around the equinox.
03/16/2018 04:21 AM
Cold winds, sunshine to keep Boston's 2018 St. Patrick's Day Parade spirited
The St. Patrick's Day Parade in Boston will go on and so will winter for this year's festivities.
03/16/2018 02:45 AM
Weekly wrap-up: Northeastern US endures 3rd nor'easter this month; Rare tornado injures 8 in Italy
A third nor'easter in less than two weeks battered the northeastern United States this week while severe storms and mudslides wreaked havoc in southern Europe.
03/15/2018 11:49 PM
Snow, wintry mix to pose travel hazards in midwestern US through Friday night
A storm will bring a quick but disruptive shot of wintry precipitation from the northern Plains to the Ohio Valley through Friday night.
03/15/2018 09:48 AM
Fatalities reported after bridge collapses in Miami, falls on traffic passing underneath
A newly constructed pedestrian bridge in Miami collapsed on Thursday afternoon, falling onto eight vehicles passing underneath.
03/15/2018 06:12 AM
Snow, rain to kick off 1st days of spring in northeastern US
There may be another winter storm for parts of the Northeast during the first few days of Spring 2018.