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DEAR FRIENDS.... WE MOVED in JULY 2016 out of the county and are NO LONGER able to send realtime data to this website. I will keep the website up for another year for archival purposes... but will no longer be updating with local data. Thank you for all the years of your support.

This Personal Weather Station (PWS) and website are owned and operated by Greg Gnatt which began operations on June 25, 2008. This is purely a hobby of mine, much to the chagrin of my wife, kids and neighbors. Oh... and that 'contraption' out in the backyard... has been affectionately named 'Dorothy" by my kids!

I created this website as a public educational service for our local community and for visitors to our region. Please feel free to provide any feedback or questions...
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The station is located on Naragansett Drive in Konhaus Estates, Silver Spring Township, Mechanicsburg, PA USA :

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Local weather data is collected real-time by the Davis Wireless ISS weather station comprised of an anemometer, rain gauge, and thermo-hydro sensors, situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible, and connected to a wireless data transmitter.

Data is transmitted every 2.5 seconds, where the signals are received by a central base station (Davis Weather Envoy) which is connected via a USB cable to my home computer. It is then immediately processed by Weather-Display, a specialized weather station software application, running under Microsoft XP. Files of data and web page templates are then uploaded every 10 seconds to 5 minutes over a broadband connection to to my website, hosted at GoDaddy.com. Data is also uploaded to the Weather Underground and CWOP.

The Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) is a private-public partnership with three main goals: 1) to collect weather data contributed by citizens; 2) to make these data available for weather services and homeland security; and 3) to provide feedback to the data contributors so that they have the tools to check and improve their data quality. The integrity of the collected weather data is monitored throughout the day and compared with other reporting stations in the area by CWOP. MechanicsburgWeather.com data is accurate and within the deviations seen by nearby reporting stations.

About Our Local Area:

Located in Silver Spring Township, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania USA --- James Silver was an early settler in the area now known as Silver Spring Township which was organized as a Township bearing his name in 1757. The Township is situated on major east-west and north-south transportation routes, and shares the rich Revolutionary and Civil War heritage of the region. This strategic location continues to offer benefits that attract residential, industrial, and commercial development to the municipality. The Township is comprised of 33.6 square miles with a population of 12,375 (2005 Cumberland County Comprehensive Plan estimate). As a Township of the Second Class, Silver Spring Township is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors. Municipal services include Administration, Community Development, Parks & Recreation, Public Safety, Public Works, Sewer, Trash & Recycling. .

Silver Spring Township Has:

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